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Financial literacy programs and events

Individuals/groups 18-25 yrs old

Dinero Talk

Breaking Down the Stigma and Identifying the Life You Want

It’s hard to talk about finances. And that’s why we started Dinero Diaries. During this course, you’ll become more comfortable talking about and facing your finances. You'll also have the chance to identify your life's values and goals so that your financial choices lead you to the life that you envision.

Dinero Breakdown

Budget 101

Budgets are your road map to reaching your life goals. In this course, you’ll gain tools to create a budget that works for you. Tried a budget before that was too hard to stick with? We’ll talk about specific ways to get this budget to last. Variable income or self-employed? We’ve got you. Paying off debt? You too. Join nuestra comunidad and learn how to make a budget that allows you to say “yes” to more things that you value.

Dinero Resources


In this course, we will review banks and the important role that they play in our financial life. You will learn about different banking systems and find one that best fits your lifestyle. By the end of this course you will learn how to build financial relationships and grow your financial security by using the wide variety of services that banks offer.

Dinero Armor


In this course, we’ll cover how to build a savings accounts. First you’ll learn why having a colchoncito is the best protection for… well, just life! Your emergency savings account is the armor that prepares you to face unexpected car repairs, medical expenses, or anything that can mess up your regular monthly spending. And saving doesn't stop there. Learn how to save money for other long-term goals after you have put away enough dinero armor to get you through the unexpected.

Dinero Reputation


What is credit and where will a good score get you? This course walks through why credit is important and what opportunities a strong credit score makes possible. We’ll also discuss the individual components of a credit score, how to regularly check your score, and how to improve your credit score over time. Get ready to take your dinero diaries to the next step with this class!

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